Jessica DiLorenzo

Jessica DiLorenzo is a Senior Project Manager at Discern Health. She leads client projects related to quality improvement measurement. Jessica’s most recent work includes managing and developing a primary care practice performance scorecard for a Medicaid plan, supporting the development of a strategic quality and value framework for a pharmaceutical client, and supporting the development of an asthma patient management tool.

Prior to joining Discern Health, Jessica spent 15 years designing and implementing various national initiatives focused on health system transformation. Jessica also led efforts to develop a clinical performance scorecard, national pay-for-performance program, and managed various EMR vendors. In addition, Jessica led a team responsible for GE’s health care strategies.

Jessica was also the first Health Care Initiatives Team Leader at General Electric where she was responsible for the support of companywide health care strategies and led a team of seven team members.

Areas of expertise:

  • HIT – Electronic Health Records
  • Major Health Quality Stakeholders
  • Measure Gap Identification and Filling
  • Performance-Based Payment Models
  • Quality Measures


  • A.S., Sociology – State University of New York at Albany
  • Six Sigma Certified


  • Schenectady, NY

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