Linda Shelton

“Change is possible, especially when it makes as much sense as the patient-centered medical home. What I enjoy the most is helping practices challenge their old assumptions and take on a new way of work. Many of them dive into it as if they’d always wanted to practice that way. Patients have wanted it too.”

Linda retired from her day-to-day management role at Discern in October 2015. However, she remains active in guiding the firm’s overall direction and strategy, especially as it relates to patient-centered care transformation.

Linda Shelton, Partner at Discern, has more than 30 years of experience developing programs focused on innovations in health care. Her areas of expertise include physician performance measurement, the patient-centered medical home, pay-for-performance and transparency, and health IT adoption. At Discern, she has led client projects related to quality measurement and the medical home, and participates in the overall management and development of the firm. Her projects have included Emory Healthcare Network’s PCMH Transformation for 10 Practices, the Biogen-sponsored PCSP transformation plan, the Diabetes Care Management Report, the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians’ PCMH University, the Maryland Multi-Payer PCMH Pilot, and a number of medical practices’ transformation projects.

Prior to joining Discern, Linda operated her own consulting enterprise, LKS Consulting, advising clients on quality improvement initiatives and health care management strategies. She has a 20-year association with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as both an executive and a consultant. At NCQA she led the development of several NCQA physician measurement programs, including Physician Practice Connections (PPC—the forerunner of PCMH recognition) and the operation of PPC and NCQA’s Diabetes and Heart-Stroke Recognition Programs. She also directed the work of several NCQA advisory panels with national leaders from physician organizations, health plans, employers and government, and focus groups of consumers. Prior to 1993, Linda worked in consumer health education, managed care, IT, and public health.

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