CMS Announces “Meaningful Measures” Initiative

On October 30, CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced that CMS will focus on outcome-based measures going forward, as opposed to process measures. The goal of “Meaningful Measures” is to reduce administrative burden on providers, promote innovation, and track issues that are most vital to providing high-quality care.

Discern Health has worked with numerous clients to assess measures, and to build measure sets that address core quality issues. “We can all agree that improving patient outcomes is a key goal of quality measurement programs,” said Guy D’Andrea, Discern’s Managing Partner. “However, process measures can also serve a purpose as a signal to providers about best practices, and as an interim step when measurement science may not yet support outcomes reporting. Evolving from process to outcome measures will take time and effort.”

Discern partner Dr. Tom Valuck added, “We are working hard with our clients to identify opportunities to measure, report, and improve patient outcomes. We are also developing measurement approaches that can make the most of measures data, both for accountability and to drive quality improvement at every level of the health system.”

For more information on Discern’s work with clients and stakeholders to develop meaningful measures, please contact Guy at or Tom at



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