Discern Director Theresa Schmidt Presents to the Hospice Community

Last month, Theresa Schmidt presented two webinars on topics for the hospice community. The April 11 session on “Hospice Data: How to make it work for, not against, your hospice” was delivered through the Hospice Compliance Network webinar series. This session discussed techniques for using data in performance improvement efforts; exploring problematic patterns to help uncover their causes; informing performance improvement projects (PIPs) to address these causes; and measuring and evaluating the impact of the PIPs and communicating the results to stakeholders.

On April 19, Theresa delivered “Lessons Learned from the Hospice Compare Implementation” at the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care Breakfast for Brainiacs® series. This presentation focused on the information needed to address additions of the CAHPS measures. Hospice providers will again need to adapt to the effects of new publicly reported information. This session explored lessons learned from the Hospice Compare implementation and updates. The webinar included measures and best practices for ensuring measures accurately reflect provider performance.

For more information on Discern’s work in the hospice community, contact Director Theresa Schmidt at tschmidt@discernhealth.com

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