Discern Engaged In Maryland Health Transformation Efforts

March 2018

At the request of the Maryland Department of Health, a Stakeholder Innovation Group was convened to disseminate new models of care and population health management to Maryland’s health care community. Such innovations are especially important in Maryland because of the state’s unique payment model, which holds hospitals accountable for the total cost of care. The next phase of this model emphasizes improving quality and controlling costs across all health care settings through robust provider alignment. These comprehensive incentives make Maryland a laboratory for health care transformation programs.

To advance the Stakeholder Innovation Group’s work, The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) has asked Discern to build an inventory of current care delivery transformation efforts. The inventory will be used to:

  • Give health care providers a list of innovations to consider for their own organizations
  • Identify initiatives that are candidates for additional investment, either by individual organizations or on a larger scale
  • Bring together community partners that can enhance or amplify transformation efforts

To build this inventory, the MHA and Discern have developed a survey of innovative care practices , which was sent to health care organizations on March 9. Discern worked with the MHA and the Stakeholder Innovation Group to analyze and organize the responses for consideration and potential implementation.

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