Discern Health Presents Potential Measures For Catalyst For Payment Reform’s Scorecard For Payment Reform 2.0

June 2017

Discern recently worked with Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) to develop a list of measures for CPR’s Scorecard for Payment Reform 2.0. CPR has tracked the implementation of payment reform since 2013. CPR’s Scorecard 1.0 looked at the breadth and depth of payment reform in the U.S. health care market. CPR will use Scorecard 2.0 to track health care system changes and improvements that are connected to payment reform.

For this project, Discern Health developed a list of 62 candidate measures spread across three measurement domains. Discern used expert feedback and evaluated the candidate measures to narrow the list down to 20 candidate measures. After additional feedback from an advisory committee during a meeting May 12, and research by Discern and CPR staff, the list of measures was reduced to 12.

CPR is currently seeking state-based sponsors to pilot Scorecard 2.0 in September 2018.

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