Discern Team Members Author Two Publications In The Journal Of Palliative Medicine

April 2018

Discern Partner Tom Valuck and Director Russ Montgomery authored two articles in a recent supplemental issue of the Journal of Palliative Medicine. In their article “Data Needs for a Serious Illness Care Accountability System: A Framework and Recommendations,” they highlight the additional data that are needed to implement more robust measurement systems, value-based payment models, and innovative care delivery models for seriously ill populations.

In addition, they co-authored the article “Accountability for Community-Based Programs for the Seriously Ill” with leading national palliative care researchers and experts, including Joan Teno and Diane Meier. This article presents a vision and roadmap for the development and implementation of new accountability systems for serious illness, including guiding principles for quality measurement and a “starter set” of measures.

These articles build on Discern’s previous work on serious illness care, which includes white papers and Health Affairs blog posts on payment models and quality measures. This work was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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