NAM Clinical Decision Support Publication Cites Discern Health Recommendations To ONC

August 2018

A Discern Health report on clinical decision support (CDS) was cited in a recent report published by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). The NAM report, Optimizing Strategies for Clinical Decision Support—Summary of a Meeting Series, summarizes findings from a series of three stakeholder meetings addressing key principles and challenges for implementing CDS tools.

The NAM report references insights from a Discern report commissioned by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in 2015. The Discern report was a synthesis of literature and expert stakeholder perspectives on the development and use of CDS. The NAM report specifically references Discern’s analysis of the complexities of supply and demand in the CDS marketplace and the need to improve CDS standards, translate knowledge into tools efficiently, and build clinician trust in CDS tools (see figure).

CDS tools can be integrated with a practice’s electronic health record (EHR) systems to provide point-of-care information that helps clinicians, care teams, and patients make shared decisions based on the most relevant clinical knowledge given a patient’s specific needs and preferences. These tools support a learning health system by expediting the translation of new knowledge into effective action. As the NAM report highlights, the standardization and effective use of CDS tools on the front lines of care is an ongoing area of focus in health information technology.

The Discern CDS report is one of several projects we have completed for ONC, including hosting a public webinar on eMeasurement that featured several national experts and updating the SAFER Guides, which outline principles for EHR safety.

For more information about how Discern’s consulting expertise in CDS and health information technology can benefit your organization, please contact Discern partner Tom Valuck at

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