National Quality Forum (NQF) Panel Highlights Role of Life Sciences Companies in Quality Measurement and Population Health

At the NQF Annual Conference on March 13, a panel of industry leaders discussed the roles of life sciences companies in developing and implementing health care quality measures, and connecting measures to improving population health. The panelists focused on the important contributions of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to achieving population health goals and generating evidence. The panel also discussed patient-reported outcomes measures that can define and track value for patients and providers.

Panel members included Cristie Upshaw Travis, Memphis Business Group on Health; Elizabeth Fowler, Johnson and Johnson; Lori Reilly, PhRMA; Don May, AdvaMed; and Margaret Anderson, Deloitte. The panelists observed that patient-focused measures are especially important in fast-evolving areas such as oncology, where personalized therapies are becoming more common and each patient’s preferences need to be considered. On the medical device side, new technologies and digital solutions can quickly collect patient experience data to improve care processes and outcomes. All the panelists stressed the need to form patient care partnerships that span the care continuum. They emphasized that risk-based contracts between life sciences companies and their customers can help strengthen alignment to ensure everyone works toward a shared goal of high-value care.

Discern works with numerous life sciences companies, in both the pharmaceutical and medical device arenas, to develop and implement strategies related to quality measurement and value-based care. These projects can include assessment and gap analysis of quality measures for a specific product or clinical area; analysis of opportunities to demonstrate value through research, performance measures, and value-based care initiatives; and engagement with key organizations and stakeholders. For more information on Discern’s life sciences work, please contact Guy D’Andrea at

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